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FCA Group invested 10 billion yuan to develop new energy vehicles
According to foreign media reports, FCA Group plans to invest 10.5 billion US dollars (equivalent to 67.2 billion RMB) in the development of electric vehicles to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations.
Although there are differences in sales plans and regional emission regulations in each region, FCA Group still plans to implement the electric drive of most of its models by 2020. Brand models, including Jeep, Maserati and Fiat, will use at least one electric drive scheme. Marjorne, chief executive of the FCA Group, said that reducing reliance on traditional fuels was a major challenge for the FCA Group in the coming years. Although there are many solutions for electric drive vehicles, FCA Group will not only adopt one.
According to the plan of FCA Group, its energy-saving and emission reduction strategies in the future include the use of small turbocharged engines, hybrid drive technology and pure electric drive technology. The large-scale investment of FCA Group in energy-saving and emission reduction technologies is closely related to the increasingly stringent EU regulations. Marjorne said EU emissions regulations forced automakers to start developing electric drive technologies, otherwise they would be eliminated from the market. By 2020, 40% of FCA vehicles sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will use traditional internal combustion engines, 40% will use hybrid power and 20% will use pure electric power.
In response to the previously widely regarded diesel engine, Marjorne said that the FCA Group plans to stop selling diesel models in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in 2011. Many important markets, including the United States and China, have given greater policy support to electric vehicles, which also makes FCA Group more research and development of electric vehicles.

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